Lottery Home: Coastal Design

October 9, 2018

We are super excited to reveal the 2018 Home Lottery lighting design this year! This year’s design was focused on a Coastal inspired theme.  If you are looking to obtain this look, we have a few tips for you on how to choose the perfect focal lighting:

Think light and airy.

Refrain from dark colours and heavy enclosed fixtures. Chose fixtures that are open. Glass pendants should be something to consider as they can be complementary with other fixtures throughout the space. Notice the picture above. There are three grand ceiling pendants as well as an island pendant. The openness of the fixtures with wood and light metal makes a design impact while keeping the space light and airy.  

Soft metals and mixed material.

Choose soft metals such as brushed nickel and white textured finish. We have collections that have white paper mache like finish that is absolutely beautiful. Fixtures that have a combination of materials such as a mix of wood and brushed nickel is a great option to obtain the soft coastal look.  If using chrome, look for fixtures that have frosted glass. We are seeing a major trend using a mix of metal and beads. This will not only give you a design pop but this combination will give you the warm elements you need.

Light colors.

Coastal design is very much soft, light and using light hues to the space. This can be done by not only choosing light wall colours but adding pops of colour in your light fixtures as well! We have a beautiful selection of white, grey washed and antique rubbed finishes as well as soft colours!

Keep this in mind for bathroom options as well as mudrooms!

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Melissa Foote

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Known for her sleek sense of fashion and design Melissa can take a blank canvas and turn it into something breathtaking. Using lighting to elevate her design has turned her into one of the most respected interior designers in the city.


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