July 27, 2017

We spend a LOT of time at our Lighting and Design Center educating our clients on their options for lighting choices in their hallways. In most cases, the hallway lighting is overlooked. Why? Because it is commonly seen as a pass through rather than a focal point of the home. However, WE see it as an opportunity to be wowed!

OUT with the nipple shades and IN with creative styling! Our suggestions: Chose the newly designed LED slim pot lights OR a group of stunning pendants.

There is a new movement on designing a modern, sleek style pot light and best of all its LED. We have brought in products that are affordable and offer a variety of options: Round, square, trim colours and the colour of light as well as the brightness you want to achieve. We suggest installing lights down the center of the hallway.

We see the hallway as an opportunity for a design impact! Why not showcase your style choosing a grouping of pendants? From farmhouse to modern – it can be done! We suggest using a group of small to medium pendants, in odd numbers. Three is better than two if possible!

Does your hallway need a change? Come visit Munro’s Lighting and Design Showroom and Melissa or Joanne can help you make your statement!

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Melissa Foote

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Known for her sleek sense of fashion and design Melissa can take a blank canvas and turn it into something breathtaking. Using lighting to elevate her design has turned her into one of the most respected interior designers in the city.


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