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Make A Statement In Case You Need it.

Your entryway can be seen as the first impression of your home. This is where your personality can shine!

Your entry is where you can break the rules. If the rest of the house light fixtures are black, this is the room you can choose gold! Be BOLD in your entryway. When working with our clients we decide on an overall look for the home, then let the entryway be a place for a statement piece- whether it be a glittering chandelier, a gold among the black or a starburst pendant in a modern farmhouse.

When choosing your entry light, make sure it will produce enough light. One of the main complaints we hear from clients when replacing their existing entry light is it doesn’t give off enough light. There are far more options than a standard one light flush mount. If you must use a flush mount we suggest using a fun flush mount (toss the bob light) or install two rather than one. Not only for more light but as a design impact.

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Kitchen Sconces – We Think So…


When designing the lighting layout for kitchens, the most common choice for above the sink is a pot light or ceiling pendant. Either option will work, however, we suggest adding a wall sconce for a design impact! We have a variety of sconces available that will work with any design, from modern farm house to mid-century – it is all in the detail.

The sleek swing arm sconces is a major trend now. The swing arm serves as a functional element to the space as you can position in up and down or side to side. You can choose a glass shade, metal or an industrial bare bulb.

If space is tight, chose from a variety of gorgeous wall sconces. Our design tip, chose two rather than one if possible.

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We spend a LOT of time at our Lighting and Design Center educating our clients on their options for lighting choices in their hallways. In most cases, the hallway lighting is overlooked. Why? Because it is commonly seen as a pass through rather than a focal point of the home. However, WE see it as an opportunity to be wowed!

OUT with the nipple shades and IN with creative styling! Our suggestions: Chose the newly designed LED slim pot lights OR a group of stunning pendants.

There is a new movement on designing a modern, sleek style pot light and best of all its LED. We have brought in products that are affordable and offer a variety of options: Round, square, trim colours and the colour of light as well as the brightness you want to achieve. We suggest installing lights down the center of the hallway.

We see the hallway as an opportunity for a design impact! Why not showcase your style choosing a grouping of pendants? From farmhouse to modern – it can be done! We suggest using a group of small to medium pendants, in odd numbers. Three is better than two if possible!

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Grouping pendants in gathering spaces like the kitchen island or a bar area makes a powerful design statement while making them super functional. These spaces typically have a lot of activity going on so your lighting needs to do its job really well but not obstruct any views. Pendants are a great choice here because they provide crucial focused light, especially in groups of two or three.

Typically, pendants should be placed 28″ to 34″ above the countertop, or approximately 72″ from the floor. It is always a good idea to remember that if you’re lighting an area that people will stand around, the pendants should be high enough so that people can see each other, but not so high that they are blinded by the glare of the bulbs.

Since the kitchen or the bar is both a social atmosphere and a workspace, you want a mixture of ambient and task lighting. Ambient lights will set the mood with a soft, overhead glow while task lights will focus stronger light over the island. The key is to balance these two sources so the space is as warm and inviting as it is functional.

To achieve a more evenly distributed lighting effect, choose a fabric shade, glass or exposed bulb fixture. Direct task lighting allows for the option of fully opaque materials, like the wood fixture shown on the right